Low cost Map-CPU9 provides 100MIPS of computing power at 1W power comsumption fitting in standard DIN-rail enclosure. Fully supports Linux 2.6.xx kernel and includes all drivers. MODBUS/TCP support is also included

Included software suite features open Linux developoment tools, Apache WEB development tools and also solid IO-drivers written on standard Linux 2.6. kernel. MODBUS drivers are also available for distributed automation applications. General purpose MAP-CPU9 is originally designed for remote data acquisition applications to serve modular industrial IO-units. Numerous add-on cards are already available to scale the system from a few IO-points to thousands of points. A complete module set with easy to use software drivers make it easy to build remote and mobile applications using GPRS and SMS connections. MODBUS/TCP communication drivers in MAP-CPU9 can pass all the attached internal and external IO’s both over Ethernet and GPRS networks. This integrates the sensors to industry standard MODBUS host server solutions. Applications suitable with currently available software and add-on modules include Ethernet/GPRS distriputed data acquisition systems, remote or local control and monitoring platforms, radio sensor bridges, energy measurement platforms, GSM/GPRS gateways, home automation servers, etc.  Click this link for CPU9- product card.